About the Wanocksett Experience

Read about the Camp Wanocksett philosophy, and meet the camp administration and area directors.  

The Boy Scouts of America Mission Statement

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Camp Wanocksett Mission Statement

The sole focus of the Camp Wanocksett Staff is to instill the values of Scouting within each Scout who seeks the Wanocksett Experience. We will achieve this goal by combining attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence with a high degree of professionalism. Ultimately, each Scout will leave Wanocksett better for having come to our camp.

About Camp Wanocksett

Camp Wanocksett is owned and operated by the Nashua Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America. It is administered by a full-time camp director and ranger, each trained and certified by a National Camping School of the Boy Scouts of America. The camp is supervised by the Council Board of Directors through the Council Camping Committee. The camp is inspected by the Department of Health and is licensed by the State of New Hampshire. Each year, Camp Wanocksett is inspected by the Council Camping Committee and an Area Camp Visitation Team. It is consistently rated as a Nationally Accredited Camp and has met 100% of standards for the past two decades. Copies of inspection reports are available from the Nashua Valley Council Service Center. 

What Makes Camp Wanocksett Unique?

Youth Leadership

We support the troop program by supporting your youth leaders. In fact, the daily or weekly schedule is not a program; it is an instrument for planning and for administering the troop program. Our schedule is a means by which your PLC and youth leadership can design and implement a program that meets the needs and wants of the Troop. Patrol Leaders are responsible for signing their Patrols up for events throughout the week, as well as any other leadership tasks they may have.


At Camp Wanocksett our program is designed to allow Scouts to work on advancement. We offer 60 different merit badges in a variety of subjects. Each year we add new badges to keep our offerings fresh and exciting! Our first year camper area offers “hands on” skill instruction that results in performance-based evaluation. Our merit badge classes are kept small and allow Scouts to get a personalized experience.


We pride ourselves in making Camp Wanocksett available to all Scouts and Scouters. Our facilities include an ADA compliant campsite and restrooms. We strive to make the program as accessible to all Scouts as possible. We routinely work with Scouts with vision, mobility, and developmental disabilities, who return year after year.

High Standards

As a Nationally Accredited Scout Camp, Camp Wanocksett has met and exceeded every national standard and recommended practice for the last two decades. Our area directors are trained at BSA National Camping School, and we spend 40 hours in training annually.

Decisions, Decisions

We sometimes hear our customers say “there’s just too much to do. My Scouts can’t do everything!” We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a fun and activity packed program day, while allowing Scouts to make decisions about which programs they attend. We believe that choices are something that Scouts should be able to make, and a skill that is becoming less common.


Our goal at Camp Wanocksett is to make sure that you and your troop experience the best program possible. Whether that means a troop canoe trip to Sagi Island, or outpost cooking, we will work with your unit to make sure your trip is exactly what you want.

Family Style

Camp Wanocksett serves all of its meals in one sitting, in one dining hall, family style. We believe that coming together throughout the day and enjoying a meal together helps strengthen the troop and patrol methods. The staff eats with Scouts at each meal to talk about the day. Each troop or crew receives extra seats at their table to bring the Camp Wanocksett community to the dinner table.

Top Quality Staff

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, our staff is the key to our success. Our 7 week program allows our senior staff to return from college to a full summer of work. Our administration is full of teachers who help instruct our area directors on effective teaching models, including a Ph.D. who guest lectures for chemistry merit badge. Our area directors are college students working towards careers in education, engineering, arts, and counseling.