Arrival & Departure


Each program week, arrival time is between 2:00PM and 3:30PM on Sunday. The gate will be closed before 2:00PM and parents are not to drive to individual sites as the staff will be busy preparing for your arrival. When the gate is open at 2PM, parents and leaders can begin entering the parking lot where they will be directed to gear drop off, and then further to parking. Gear will be placed under designated signs in Memorial Lodge to be later driven up to your sites. Troop Guides will be waiting to meet with you and guide your troop through the check-in process:

Check-in Process

  • Health Lodge Check In
    • Med Forms Check (Medical forms are required at the pre-camp Scoutmasters meeting 2 weeks prior to check-in)
    • Medications drop off
  • Waterfront Orientation & Swim Checks
  • Troop Pictures
  • Dining Hall Etiquette/Waiter orientation
  • Campsite Set Up

Our check-in process is always tentative, and the staff works together to keep the process quick, but if your troop needs to be accommodated in any way, it will be done. The Trading post will be open during arrival times. Uniform parts, Wednesday Night Barbecue tickets, snacks, cold drinks, and much more will be available to purchase. After check-in, Troops are encouraged to nest and get settled in the campsite until our retreat ceremony at 6:00PM. Complete BSA uniforms are requested for all evening ceremonies. Dinner is served at 6:15PM, and following dinner is our opening campfire at 8:00PM.

Some tips for an efficient check-in:

  • Arrive as a unit at 2:00PM; no earlier
  • Wear swimsuits underneath Class A uniforms, or at least keep them accessible
  • Drivers should remain in cars during gear drop off; our staff will handle the baggage while you proceed directly to parking
  • Leaders should link up with troop guides as soon as possible
  • If your troop is waiting for more boys, wait on the OA field to the left of the parking lot, not inside Memorial Lodge
  • Be sure to bring copies of your medical forms to the pre-camp meeting


Friday, the last full day of program, ends after the closing campfire at 8:00PM. Troop guides will be up to your site with merit badge paper work. Please review this carefully and bring any concerns to the Administration building after breakfast on Saturday. Saturday’s schedule looks like this:

  • 7:45AM - Colors
  • 8:00AM - Breakfast
  • 8:30AM - Troops return to site to pack up. When the troop is all packed up, notify the staff, and a truck will arrive to transport your gear.
    • Area directors can be found in the Administration building to answer with Merit Badge questions.
  • 10:00AM - Closing Ceremony on Main Field
    • Here the troops will receive awards and any photographs they ordered.
  • 10:30AM - Camp Dismissed

Your troop’s gear will be in Memorial lodge for pick up. The nurse will return medications at the closing ceremony. The trading post will be open for last minute purchases and sales. Please be careful driving home; it will have been a long and fun, yet tiring week.