Dining & Medical Services

Dining Services

Dining Services at Camp Wanocksett is committed to excellence in food preparation and presentation. The operating philosophy of the Wanocksett Dining Service is that no one will leave the dining hall with an empty stomach. For over a decade, we have contracted with the Café Services Food Service Company of Londonderry, New Hampshire. Café Services has consistently received rave reviews for their attention to detail and customer service attitude toward the needs of Scout. During the week, we serve three meals a day in the dining hall beginning with Sunday dinner through Saturday breakfast:

  • Breakfast at 8:00AM following morning Colors
  • Lunch at 12:15PM following the end of morning program
  • Dinner at 6:15PM following Retreat.

Camp Wanocksett uses a “waiter” system in each troop to give Scouts an opportunity to learn and practice sanitary and considerate mealtime habits. Each troop is asked to send two waiters per table to each meal. Waiters arrive to the Dining Hall 15 minutes early to set the table for the meal, serve food to their table and ensure fair portions for all, and clean up following the meal. The waiter responsibility rotates throughout the week so that all Scouts share in this work equally. A certified dietician has approved all meals on the menu to ensure that they provide an optimal level of nutrition and energy. During our pre-camp meeting, we will share with you the menu for your week. A sample menu can be downloaded.

Camp Dining Services are able to accommodate specific dietary requests of a health or religious nature with sufficient notice. Please inform the Camp Director of any special needs as soon as possible.


Medical Services

Medical Forms

Each Scout and adult who attends camp must complete an Annual BSA Health and Medical Record. Copies of this form are included in the back of this guide, or available for download from the camp website at www.campwanocksett.org. A medical form is included at the end of this guide.

  • Other forms cannot be accepted as your only health form without a BSA medical form attached.
  • Scouts and adult leaders must submit a BSA Health and Medical Record that lists a physical within the past 12 months. Medical forms are valid through the end of the 12th calendar month from the date of the physical. (i.e. if a physical was completed on July 8th, the medical form is valid until July 31st of the following year)
  • No Scout or Scouter will be permitted to remain in camp overnight without a complete medical form.
  • Medical forms will be collected at the appropriate pre-camp meeting and will not be returned at the end of camp. NH law requires us to retain the medical forms. Please only submit copies and retain the ORIGINALS, as medical forms will not be returned.
  • Medical forms must include a complete immunization record (NH law) not just the most recent immunization in a series.
  • Exemption from immunization requirements must comply with both BSA National policy, as well as NH Law. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on the requirements.

A medical examination must be completed, signed, and documented on the health form by a licensed health care practitioner (this includes medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, physician’s assistants, and registered nurse practitioners). Please make sure that the contact phone numbers listed on the medical form are valid for that week, and make sure that the immunization record, insurance information, and any new medical information has been updated.

Personal Medication at Camp

All medications, both over-the-counter and prescription medication, must be turned into the camp nurse during the medical check on Sunday afternoon. The nurse will determine what each Scout or adult is allowed to keep on his/her person during the week. Unless otherwise determined by the nurse, all medications must be stored at the Health Lodge. Important reminders about prescriptions:

  • Must be in the original container
  • Must only include the number of pills the Scout needs for the week of camp
  • Must bear the pharmacy label that shows:
    • Prescription Number
    • Date Filled
    • Physicians Name
    • Directions for Use
    • Patient’s Name
  • Must match the MD order, which should accompany the medical form.
  • Orders signed by the physician, and the parent/guardian must be submitted for the nurse to administer prescription medication. Important – Please check forms and remove any medication orders that will not be given at camp that year.

Accommodating Individual Needs

The Wanocksett Staff is fully committed to including all Scouts in every aspect of the summer camp program. Often, meeting the needs of all campers requires minor adaptations of our facilities, staffing, and instructional plans. Special menus, one-on-one instruction, accessible campsites, individual counseling, and other provisions are available for Scouts or leaders because of physical disabilities, learning disabilities, medical conditions, dietary requirements, religious practices, or other special needs. Unit leaders should contact the Camp Director well in advance to outline the specific needs of Scouts and leaders in their troop.