Located on the beautiful Thorndike Pond, the Camp Wanocksett Waterfront is an integral part of the Scout’s camp experience.


Instructional Swim - Instructional swim time is available for any Scout who needs help improving their swimming skills.  Both beginners and weak swimmers are encouraged to participate in this program any afternoon starting at 3:00PM.

Polar Bear Swim - Each day at 7:00AM, the beginner’s area will be opened for those Scouts and adult leaders who enjoy taking an early dip.  This is strictly a “for fun” program.

Free Swim - Each day at 4:30PM, the swimming area will be open so that Scouts and leaders have an opportunity to have fun, cool off, and enjoy a swim in the afternoon.

Mile Swim - The mile swim award is given to those Scouts who can swim a mile in one attempt. Scouts begin the program at 7:00AM on Monday morning. This requires attendance every morning at practice to help prepare oneself for the Friday morning swim at 6:00AM. 

Water Basketball/Volleyball – This program provides an opportunity for patrols to have fun, stay cool, and enjoy camaraderie on the waterfront.  Patrols & Troops are encouraged to challenge one another, or use this as an opportunity for an inter-patrol activity.

BSA Lifeguard – BSA Guard is a lifeguard certification program. In order to participate, Scouts must be at least 15 years old, complete a rigorous swim test outlined in the requirements, and present a current CPR certification to the Aquatics director. BSA Guard requires 30 hours of commitment during the week, taking up all three merit badge periods and some work during Open Program.

Open Boating – Each day, the waterfront opens to Scouts and leaders to have the opportunity to go boating.  Canoes, rowboats, sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards are available.  Water skiing and tubing times on the motorboats are also available for fun, or extra practice for those taking the Water Sports merit badge.  Use of the sailboats requires attendance at a sailing orientation on Monday. 

Fishing -Those Scouts who would like to go fishing are invited to use the fishing equipment located at the Waterfront. Fishing is limited to the area by the chapel, extending towards the ranger’s beach. Scouts must always be with a buddy, especially when they are fishing.


Merit Badges

Merit Badge Difficulty Comments

Canoeing Merit Badge

Moderate Must pass BSA Swimmer test. 
Kayaking Merit Badge
Moderate Must pass BSA Swimmer test. 
Lifesaving Merit Badge
Difficult Must pass BSA Swimmer test. Two period class. Recommended age of 14. Pants and long sleeve shirt are needed.
Motorboating Merit Badge
(Bonus Badge)
Moderate Must pass BSA Swimmer test. 
Rowing Merit Badge
Moderate Must pass BSA Swimmer test. 
Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge
Small-Boat Sailing
Difficult Must pass BSA Swimmer test. Two period class.
Swimming Merit Badge
Moderate Must pass BSA Swimmer test. Pants and long sleeve shirt are needed.
Water Sports Merit Badge
Water Sports
Difficult Must pass BSA Swimmer test. Recommended age of 14.