The Climbing Merit Badge is fun for those Scouts who are up for a little bit of a challenge. “Open Climbing” is open to all Scouts who want to try their skills at climbing, with three different walls ranging in difficulty.

Afternoon Programs – Stop by the climbing tower any afternoon for a number of great activities to test your climbing skills.  Bouldering, Climbing Bingo, and our electric wall will keep you in the air all afternoon. 

Slacklining – A form of tight rope walking, is yet another fun activity offered at the climbing tower.  Camp Wanocksett’s slackline will help you increase your balance abilities and at the same time, prove to be a fun program low to the ground. 

Practice Lead Climbing – For older boys who want to experience a taste of rock climbing you might see in the movies, one wall of the tower allows Scouts to practice lead climbing all while being secured to a top rope for safety. 

The CRACK – A brand new face of the Camp Wanocksett climbing tower, the crack is designed for older Scouts looking for an extra challenge at the tower.

Merit Badge Difficulty Comments
Climbing Merit Badge
Moderate May involve out of class practice depending on the Scout's ability level.