Handicraft allows Scouts of all ages to develop their creativity through a variety of hands on activities and projects. 

Survival Bracelets - Make a bracelet out of paracord using your knowledge of knots.

Tie-Dying - It’s great fun to dye all your favorite clothes in a multitude of colors – pink, purple, orange, red, blue, green, and yellow. Come down and dye some clothes in time for them to dry before the end of your week at camp.

Patrol Flag and Sign Making - Patrols can go to Handicraft to work on making a Patrol Flag or Sign. Use these flags to promote the patrol method within the troop. Show them off at flag ceremonies during the week at camp, or have your sign hung in the dining hall with many other historical signs.

Open Crafts – Scouts can come down and make almost anything they can think of as long as the materials are available. Different things can be made such as various Popsicle stick contraptions, paining, duct tape wallets, hemp & gimp, and so much more.

Pioneer Spray Paint – Pioneer Scouts can learn about the safety and uses of spray paint. Under supervision, they can make their own unique spray paint art.

Paint-A-Staffer – Scouts can come down and decorate one of the favorite staffers using face paint.

Merit Badge Difficulty Comments

Art Merit Badge

Easy  Requires a field trip during camp.

Basketry Merit Badge

Hard Scouts must purchase kits associated with this badge (approx. $23). High manual dexterity skills required.

Canoeing Merit Badge
(Bonus Badge)


Graphic Arts

Hard Requires a field trip during camp

Canoeing Merit Badge
Indian Lore


Canoeing Merit Badge

Easy Scouts must purchase kits associated with this badge (approx. $20).

Canoeing Merit Badge
Model Design & Building




(Bonus Badge)



Hard Must purchase disposable camera in Camp Trading Post($5) or bring one to camp (not digital). Requires a field trip during camp.

Canoeing Merit Badge


Public Speaking

Hard Prerequisite: Requirements 2 & 4. Must have speeches prepared for camp.

Canoeing Merit Badge
(Bonus Badge)


Woodcarving Merit Badge

Moderate  Scouts must have their Totin’ Chip or earn it while at camp. Scouts must purchase kits associated with this badge (approx. $10).