Scoutcraft is at the heart of a Boy Scout camp; it is what makes a Scout camp different from any other camp. All a Scout needs to know about camping can be learned at Scoutcraft. 

Map and Compass Skills - Getting lost in the woods is certainly not fun – especially if you are all alone. Avoid this by learning the proper use of a map and compass. During this demo, each Scout will learn to read and orient a map, as well as acquiring some basic compass skills. The high point of the program puts these skills to practice on an actual compass course. Also, Scouts will have the opportunity to find hidden objects using our state-of-the-art GPS devices.

Pioneering Projects - Help to build a monkey bridge, gateway, or tower using lashings. Scouts love building pioneering projects, and the skills they learn go well beyond knots & lashings, to include teamwork and problem solving.

Dutch Oven Cooking – Some of the best meals prepared in the camp setting are made using a dutch oven and hot coals from a campfire. Stop by Scoutcraft to help prepare the fire and cook some amazing food, including stews, baked goods, and deep-fried comfort foods.

Firebuilding - Have you ever had a problem building a fire after it rains? Do you have a hard time building a good cooking fire? Would you like to learn how to start a fire without matches or a lighter? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then sign up for this demo and learn all there is to know about firebuilding. We will cover different methods of fire building and fire starting, including flint and steel, fire by friction and many others.

Ropework Mastery - Just think of how much more fun you’ll have on your next camping trip once you’ve mastered some of Scouting’s more advanced knots, lashings and splices. We will cover basic knots, advanced knots, lashings, splices, whipping, and even making your own rope. 

Merit Badge Difficulty Comments

Camping Merit Badge

Moderate Prerequisite: Requirements 4, 9a-c. Scouts must present backpack and gear for inspection 

Cooking Merit Badge

Easy Prerequisite: Requirement 7. Time outside of class is required. 

Geocaching Merit Badge

Easy GPS unit is supplied 

Pioneering Merit Badge

Moderate Two period class 

Wilderness Merit Badge
Wilderness Survival

Moderate Scouts will sleep out in a shelter one night. Materials for survival kit are required.