Shooting Sports

The Camp Wanocksett Shooting Sports program prides itself in teaching Scouts how to safely and responsibly handle firearms. Ranges are staffed by NRA and National Camping School certified instructors and operate the ranges in accordance with the strictest safety rules. 

Rifle Range – Scouts and adults use .22 caliber rifles on our range as they work towards awards or the merit badge. The range is open in the afternoon for Scouts who want to use a rifle for the first time or for those who want to practice their shooting skills to meet the badge requirements. As always, Scouts learn safe shooting practices and new shooting styles.

Shotgun Range – Come to the shotgun range to enjoy the thrill of shooting a 20-gauge, 12-gauge, or .410 shotgun at clay targets. Challenge your friends to a friendly, safe competition.

Archery Range – The archery range offers the opportunity for instruction with standard target arrows and 20-50lb bows. Enjoy the challenging sport in a safety-oriented atmosphere. Test your skill against your friends or another troop. The 3D Course is also available during the week for a unique skill challenge.

Personal Equipment – Scouts and leaders may bring personal firearm or archery equipment to camp. Immediately upon your arrival, please notify the staff so we may check in the equipment with our NRA certified instructors. Equipment will be stored on site at the range, and will be returned at the end of the week.

Scoutmaster Shoot – Adult leaders are invited to the Shotgun range weekly to compete in a competition against the Camp Administration team. Test your stills against this formidable team. 

Merit Badge Difficulty Comments

Archery Merit Badge

Difficult Challenging skill requirements. Scout must purchase arrow kit in the Trading Post ($4.00)

Rifle Merit Badge
Rifle Shooting


Shotgun Merit Badge
Shotgun Shooting

Moderate Scouts must weigh 125lbs. Recommended age is 13.